plays in Tropengold and Yukon Orange.

Juliane Vonna Schönhauser

does Poplars And Rocks, does art.

You are only massive!

Is You are only massive! as band and performance.

Oska Wald

plays in Chuckamuck, Jimmy Trash, as himself.

Ludwig Plath

plays as Touchy Mob, in Kyst, does Herztöne und Lungengeräusche.

Gordon Raphael

makes music as Gordon Raphael, is producer.

Francoise Cactus

plays in Stereo Total, writes books, makes art.

Jim Avignon

is Neoangin and in Anxieteam, makes art.


plays in Warren Suicide, makes art.

Richard von der Schulenburg

makes music and djs as RVDS or with 440hz trio.


makes music as himself, as Bäume and in Mittekill.

Angie Reed

played in Stereo Total, makes music as Angie Reed.

Brian von Kuba

is an artist and organises shows for friends. musically he is Macaco Mau.

Veronika Schumacher

is DJ Vicious Vroni.

Bob Tooke

is DM Bob.


is herself in music and art.

Deacon Dunlop

played in Gitarre und Schrank, plays in Wrong, and in Jane Walton.

Markus Krämer

plays in Banque Allemande vingt-quatre.

Nora Below

makes music as herself and art.

Yann Sari

plays in Krysmopompas.

Mary Ocher

is around musically as herself or in Mary and the Baby Cheeses.

Dennis Fuchs

goes to school and makes music with his band.

plus special guest.